Discover the Healing Power of iCBD Global: A Comprehensive Guide to Our Range of CBD Products

11 July 2023

At iCBD Global, we offer a range of CBD products designed to suit various needs based on our client's reviews and real-life experiences. From oils and edibles to topical creams and balms, each product in our lineup has been carefully crafted to bring out the best benefits of CBD. Here's a deep dive into our product range.


iHeal is available in 10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml & 100 ml sizes.

One of our strongest offerings, iHeal, has been praised by our clients for its capacity to help with:

  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Depression

  • It has been used by individuals recovering from cancer and battling addictions. Clients with chronic conditions like Crohn's, epilepsy, and MS have also found solace in iHeal.

    It is not a medical recommendation, but based on reviews, people with severe long-term conditions have found it beneficial, including:

    • Cachexia
    • Cancer
    • Severe mental health issues
    • Alzheimer's
    • Parkinson's

    Hemp Extract Strength: 55%

    CBD Strength: 33%

    Contains 70 studied cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, omegas, minerals, vitamins & phytonutrients.

    Organic ingredients:

    Hybrid Cannabis Flower Live ICE Rosin, Indica Cannabis Flower C°2 Extract, Sativa Cannabis Flower C°2 Extract, Hybrid Hemp Flower Full Spectrum Distillate, CBN isolate, CBG Isolate, CBC isolate, CBD isolate, Hemp Seed oil, Moringa Seed oil & C8 MCT oil.

    iCBD Global recommended dosage for iHeal: 1-5 drops, 2-3 times a day.


    iCalm Pure CBD Oil & C8 MCT is a supplement made by iCBD using only premium ingredients.

    iCalm is another cherished product in our lineup, known for its calming effects.

    It has been used for young children and small animals, helping with high temperatures, viruses, bacterial infections, dry skin, and rashes. 

    It's also popular among new users for well-being, helping with:

    • Mild anxiety
    • Mild pain
    • Inflammation

    Clients have also found it useful for menstruation, menopause, ADHD, and Autism in children and young teenagers. 

    It is our go-to for bringing calm and peace, especially for those dealing with anxiety or sleep issues.

    The iCalm range has been specially designed by iCBD to be used by beginners and experienced CBD enthusiasts. This product has been made using a pure and potent CBD isolate diluted in a highly nutritious MCT oil as a carrier to increase bioavailability.

    This potent formula is tasteless and odorless, making it an excellent choice for anyone who doesn't like the natural taste of Cannabis.

    The iCalm range includes:

  • iCalm44
  • iCalm33
  • iCalm22
  • iCalm11
  • iCalm7

  • iCBD Global recommended dosage for iCalm: between 1-10 drops 1-3 times a day.


    This CBD Lip Balm and Cannabis Skin Repair iLips was created to provide your skin and lips with essential hydration and protection.

    Our topical lip balm, iLips, is a favorite among those suffering from dry lips.

    Clients have also found it useful for:

  • Herpes
  • Impetigo
  • Skin bacterial or virus infections
  • Mosquito bites
  • Fungal infections

  • These aren't medical recommendations, but insights from our client reviews. Read our reviews here on Trustpilot.

    This highly nourishing formula has been designed to form an occlusive barrier between your skin and the environment.

    The product contains 50 mg of CBD isolate, MCT oil, raw shea butter, virgin coconut oil, orange oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, and carnauba wax.

    The iLips CBD lip balm and skin repairer comes in a handy 5ml bottle, making it the perfect companion for those who regularly suffer from chapped lips, chapped, parched, and infectious skin. 

    The smooth consistency of the balm ensures an easy and non-greasy application at any time of the day to care for lips and skin.

    iCBD Global recommended dosage for iLips: for herpes 6-10 per day.


    This iCream CBD Face and Body Butter Cream from iCBD is a special product designed to nourish and protect the skin from adverse environmental factors.

    When it comes to skin concerns, iCream is our top choice. It has been used for beauty routines, skin irritation, and breakouts.

    Clients have reported improvements after using iCream in:

  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Scars
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema

  • It is made with 1000 mg of organically grown and ethically sourced CBD isolate activated with MCT oil, seed oil, raw shea butter, virgin coconut, orange jojoba, and aloe vera oils.

     All these ingredients can impart pain-relieving, soothing, and restorative effects while providing a soothing sensation for dry and itchy skin.

    The product comes in a travel-friendly 60ml glass bottle with a foil cap and can be easily applied to provide a high absorption rate for an almost immediate effect.

    The iCream face and body butter cream contains only premium ingredients, is free from harsh chemicals, has been tested, and is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. It's the perfect addition to your home essentials or travel bag.

    iCBD Global recommended dosage for iCream: for dry skin conditions twice a day.

    iChill and iPill

    iPill is the capsule version of the iChill product. If You prefer the benefits of CBD without the taste.

    iChill and iPill, two variants of the same product, cater to a wide range of needs based on our client's reviews. 

    • ADHD
    • Depression
    • Joint pain and swelling
    • Mood regulator (Won the "Best CBD oil for feeling calm" award - read about it here)
    • High blood pressure
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Stomach and digestion issues
    • Inflammation in the joints
    • Anxiety
    • Sleep
    • General pain
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Crohn's disease
    • IBS
    • Vaccine damage
    • Fighting viruses
    • Other more severe long-term conditions
    • Hives
    • Arthritis
    • Fibromyalgia

    These aren't medical recommendations, but insights from our client reviews. Read our reviews here on Trustpilot.

    The vegan-friendly and tincture version of the iChill product is developed with a variety of vegan & organic ingredients.

    Such as whole plant cannabis extract, apricot kernel oil, turmeric oil, black pepper oil, lemon oil, lime oil, and strawberry seed oil, all suspended in hemp seed oil, MCT oil & sunflower lecithin as a powerful carrier base for increased absorption & bioavailability.

    The iChill product range is the fan favorite having won the Independent's "Best CBD oil for feeling calm" award. Our clients love it as well!

    iCBD Global recommended dosage for iChill: 5-10 drops 3 times a day.

    iCBD Global recommended dosage for iPill: 1-3 capsules a day.


    Originally designed for our Jiujitsu clients & Team iCBD athletes, this has now ended up helping people with all types of pain and inflammatory conditions from Arthritis pain to knee injuries.

    iMuscle has been recommended by clients for relief from muscle pain and inflammation. 

    Whether it's a workout injury or chronic muscle pain, iMuscle has been there to lend a helping hand!

    Organic ingredients:

    • CBD isolate
    • Grade A Carnauba wax
    • Raw virgin coconut oil
    • Raw shea butter
    • Food-grade menthol crystals
    • Peppermint essential oil
    • Tea tree essential oil
    • Eucalyptus oil
    • Chamomile oil
    • Lavender oil
    • Orange oil
    • Sandalwood oil
    • Aloe Vera gel

    iCBD Global recommended dosage for iMuscle: when required but 2-3 times a day is recommended.


    iMassage cannabis massage oil, infused with 5000 mg of cannabis extract is the perfect product to add to your daily wellness routine.

    Specifically designed for massage, iMassage has been praised for aiding recovery from:

    • Training
    • Chronic pain
    • Arthritis
    • Joint pains
    • Inflammation

    It is also favored by those with achy muscles, mobility issues, and insomnia.

    Being vegan & cruelty-free, this 100ml Cannabis Massage oil product is powered by hemp seed, tea tree, shea butter, clary sage, frankincense, lavender, chamomile, orange, and jojoba oils.

    All of these can relieve your body with ease, tighten, and nourish the skin. With this body oil, you can treat your body with flavonoids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals needed for soft, smooth skin and a relaxed body.

    iCBD Global recommended dosage for iMassage: when required but 2-3 times a day is recommended.


    iAnimal Hemp Oil made with organic C8 MCT oil is a premium quality product with zero THC that provides an extra high dose of 3.5 mg - 22 mg per drop! It is specially designed by iCBD for humans & animals.

    Last but not least, our iAnimal range is dedicated to our furry friends but it also works perfectly well for humans.

    Based on client reviews, it has been used for severe anxiety, depression, pain, stress, and bloating. It's even been used for a successful recovery from surgery.

    These aren't medical recommendations, but insights from our client reviews. Read our reviews here on Trustpilot.

    The iAnimal formula is tasteless and odorless, making it an excellent choice for anyone who doesn't like the natural taste of hemp.

    Each tamper-evident glass bottle provides everything needed to enhance your or your animal's well-being.

    The iAnimal Pure Hemp Oil & C8 MCT from iCBD is suitable for vegans and provides a 100% organic composition free of THC, gluten, artificial additives, and GMOs.

    iCBD Global recommended dosage for iAnimal:

    The correct dosage depends on various factors, including the animal's or human's weight, age, and the severity of their anxiety. A general guideline is to start with 0.1-0.5mg of CBD per pound of body weight per day and increase the dose gradually as needed. It's also important to note that CBD may take several weeks to build up in the animal's system, so it's important to be patient and consistent with the dosing.

  • Micro (0.1 mg/kg) — anxiety, fear, stress, behavioral issues, mild pain, muscle tension
  • Medium (0.2-0.5 mg/kg) — osteoarthritis, moderate pain, muscle spasms
  • High (0.5-1.0 mg/kg) — moderate to severe pain, neurogenic pain, degenerative myelopathy, tremors, idiopathic epilepsy, diabetes regulation, IBD
  • Ultra (1.0-5.0 mg/kg) — refractory epilepsy, anti-neoplastic, refractory pain, hospice care

  • (Here's a link to an IVC article that describes the dosing even further. We at iCBD Global recommend reading this article that also references many studies done with CBD and cats or dogs.)

    Team iCBD Global's commitment to You

    We are 110% dedicated to You!

    At iCBD Global, we're all about bringing the best potential benefits of CBD to you.

    While we don't make medical recommendations, we believe in the power of shared experiences.

    By listening to our customers' stories, we can help you make an informed decision about what product might suit you best.

    Remember, every individual is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new wellness regimen.

    Team iCBD Global

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