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What is CBD oil?


CBD oil is made from Hemp or Cannabis plants by extracting the oil from the flowers, leaves, stalks or seeds using various extraction techniques. CBD oil has been used as a natural remedy for 5000 years in Ayurvedic medicine. Supporting your body in regaining equilibrium, it can be bought legally as a food supplement or cosmetic to soothe a range of ailments.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Studies suggest CBD has a range of benefits, from off setting anxiety and depression to treating PTSD & ADHD symptoms, easing muscles after a workout, reducing seizures & tremors, reduction in inflammation, joint pain relief, gut health benefits along side hundreds of others.

How much CBD oil should I take?

Studies vary regarding recommended dosage, and it varies from person to person. We recommend to start with one drop and work your way up if needed or as required. Normally one to five drops held under the tongue for one to two minutes three times a day is perfect. For more information, please read our blog  here.

iCBD - Made With Love - Guided by Nature
At iCBD Global we believe that everything we need, to be healthy and free of dis-ease can be found in nature.

iCBD Global was formed by our founder after he nearly lost his life whilst battling with a life threatening Auto-immune disease. 

He was looking for alternative ways to heal as pharmaceuticals only made his condition worse and he nearly lost his life due to the side effects.

After many years of studying Functional Medicine, Ayurvedic  Medicine, The Immune System and the Microbiome he was able to create these magical products and heal himself naturally with them.

After friends and family witnessed the start of his healing journey they also started to use the products, then a local shop in Canterbury asked to stock the products and with in just months of starting our organisation become a busy CBD company with an online shop. 

We are so grateful to be here nearly 8 years later helping a countless number people improve their lives and our founders health condition is still improving by the day.

iCBD has been run 100% not for profit since day one it was never to make money it was only to help others like the products helped our founder.

iCBD's mission is only to guide you to positive health & happiness so one day you will be grateful like us.

Thank you for your interest in our organisation we love you and we are grateful for you...


Love the iCBD Global Team

All iCBD Global products are European Health registered (CPNP) and FSA Novel Food registered (U.K. Food Standards Agency).

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