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iCBD - Made With Love - Est 2016

iCBD offer completely Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Ethical 100% Natural Cannabis Oil products.

All iCBD products have been designed to contain the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, phyto nutrients & Cannabinoids as possible, including ingredients such as Turmeric, Apricot kernels, C8 MCT, Strawberry seed, Lemon, Orange & Cannabis Terpenes.

Our products are made from organically grown whole plant Cannabis extract that contains up to 300 Cannabinoids.iCBD was started so these amazing products could be shared with you in the hope that we will be able to improve your quality of life in some kind of way like it continues to improve ours.

Our clients report that they use iCBD to aid problems with concentration, sleep, mental health, stress, addictions & skin issues as well as using it for focus, training recovery, wellbeing & health maintenance.

Please take a look at our five star excellent rated Trustpilot score and you will see we have never received any negative feedback in our five years of running.


Join the iCBD family.

So whether you are interested in Cannabis Massage, Beauty & Skincare, Vaping, Dabbing, Cannabis oil Tinctures, Cannabis oil capsules or even Vegan & Sugar Free Cannabis oil chocolate then you've come to the right place.

We help countless numbers of people every day, including ourselves, the planet, our animal friends and our partners in Team iCBD but we would love to be able to help you too.

Please email or call us to arrange your free Cannabis Consultation and we will look forward to you joining the iCBD family.

Love yourself, Love iCBD.