BJJ Legend Chris Newman

24 August 2022

ICBD Global Blog - BJJ Legend Chris Newman

3x European Gi Champion, European Nogi Champion, Pan Pacific Gi Champion, Pan Pacific nogi silver medalitst, 2x british open champion, Battle Grapple winner & Multiple IBJJF medalist.

With a list of accomplishments that looks like this, it would be hard not to take this advice seriously. Multiple medal winner and all round amazing human Chris Newman has been along for the ride with us here at iCBD since the very beginning. 

We caught up with him to ask him what he found when he started using iCBD products in his campaign to get to the top, and how he uses them currently. 

Here’s what he had to say;

“I often get an adrenaline rush after training in the evenings and I often find it difficult to sleep or if I do fall asleep it’s often restless. I tried iChillXL for the first time around 30 minutes before I wanted to sleep and before I knew it I was out like a light!

I have also noticed that I tend to be in less pain when I take drops on a daily basis; training daily and vigorously can leave me sore and tender but after discovering iCBD’s iChill, the pain and inflammation has definitely dampened to a manageable level. 

Being so heavily involved in BJJ, I often get spots and dry skin due to training and being on the mats, and although I wash all the time, it doesn’t always stop these symptoms.

Whenever I have dry skin or spots I apply iCream and it relieves my symptoms. This is a natural, vegan product made with real ingredients that actually work, I would definitely recommend this for anyone with similar issues.

iChoc is by far my favourite product! I love the taste, texture, and effect! It is all vegan and made with coconut sugar, you also get a nice dose of CBD giving you the amazing effects of the CBD and great tasting chocolate. I literally cannot get enough of the stuff!

For anyone in sports and particularly the fight game, the iCBD range could help you train better, recover faster and ultimately achieve more! I would definitely recommend you try them.”

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