iRub: Brilliant, the packaging and the stick is extremely professional and high quality. I’ve used it twice now and it has seemed to almost instantly, provide relief. It was so quick the first time I was convinced it was placebo, but alas the second time was just as quick. Really looking forward to using it when my sciatica plays up again, thank you!!


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iChill+: Great stuff, helped heal mouth ulcers caused by radio and chemo in a Gatwick area patient.


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iChillXL: Thank you so much! Husband got me a tincture yesterday, best tasting I’ve had yet and most effective thus far; capsules will be next. 


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iChillX: Mate! I’ve just had this sweet old lady come back in, she brought iChillX a month ago for pain and she’s like w different woman mate! Touched me mate! Doing some good hear my man!!


Owner of Third Eye in Canterbury.


iChill+: it’s changed my girlfriends life, will never be able to thank you enough!


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iDab: Massive shouts for keeping me medicated. This Pineapple Express CBD Shatter is the one. Perfect in the puffco while I’m out and about, thanks again bro.


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iDab: Big shout to iCBD for the CBD isolate, really nice taste and smell.


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iChillXL: Best stuff I ever had and best value for money.


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iChill+: First time user and I’m stunned, I have no pain. I have my mum to thank for her dogged determination on making me realise the truth.


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Thank you for everything, the CBD has changed my life. I used to wake up most mornings before work and have a panic attack due to my anxiety. Now I take the CBD as soon as I wake up and the anxiety disappears. I also use the iVape vape juice which is amazing. We’ve been mixing some with our dogs dinner as he suffers with his joints and he’s started to walk much better. Thank you so much. Have a lovely day!


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iChillXL: Thank you for all your help with Evan. Evan is our son, he has autism and learning disabilities. His anxiety levels are through the roof in new situations but they have dropped and he is sleeping through the night. We took our first family break in ten years thanks to you and no more pharmaceuticals to get him to sleep. Can’t thank you enough and can’t wait for our next delivery. Husband will be starting the tablets soon so will keep you posted. 


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iCream: I had a big patch of eczema and the cream made it disappear in two days!


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