iDab 90% CBD Shatter
iDab 90% CBD Shatter
iDab 90% CBD Shatter
iDab 90% CBD Shatter

iDab 90% CBD Shatter

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iDab Pure CBD Crystals is a premium product made by iCBD, available in 7 different terpene profiles, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful taste and CBD without the hemp aftertaste. This shatter contains 900mg of CBD (90%) and 100% genuine terpenes from cannabis, and known for their fantastic taste and potential wellness benefits.

Additionally, these 90% CBD iDab Crystals are completely free of all other plant compounds and THC, making it a perfect ingredient for a vaporizer, cooking oil, hot drinks, and other products you want to enjoy. If you are looking for a hassle-free, convenient, and delicious-tasting CBD supplement to add to your wellness routine, this product is your best bet.


These iDab 90% CBD Crystals include 7 flavors, facilitated by a wide range of natural cannabis terpenes comprised. The product includes Platina Raspberry Cookie, Forbidden Fruit, Sunset Sherbet, Watermelon O.G, Banana Kush, Space Candy, and Granddaddy (GDP) flavors. This product offers well-balanced flavors, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of CBD without sacrificing taste.

These iDab 90% CBD Crystals are specially designed by iCBD with 900mg of CBD isolate per 1g jar. This type of extract is different from all the others and offers pure cannabidiol without any other plant elements such as flavonoids, plant oils and cannabinoids including THC. The CBD oil for this product was extracted from the best strains of organically grown industrial hemp and ethically sourced using a CO2 extraction technique.
After its extraction, the CBD isolate was enhanced and flavored with natural cannabis terpenes. These are aromatic molecules found in many plants, including hemp plants. iCBD crafted a perfect blend of many terpenes to offer users a product in 4 unique flavors to choose from. Some known for their calming effect, while others are widely used in aromatherapy to increase energy levels and increase mental capacity.


While there are three types of hemp extract distinguished by cannabinoid content, full-spectrum CBD oils are generally used to make oils, tinctures, capsules, salves, and edibles. CBD isolate is the last class completely free of all other plant compounds, available as a white or crystalline powder.

CBD isolate is also used to create crystals. It is a fragmented, crystal-like extract from cannabis, named for its fragility. It looks like glass and tends to crack or break when snapped. Since CBD Crystals contain a potent and concentrated dose of CBD, it would be an excellent choice for consumers interested in the potential wellness benefits of cannabidiol and cannabis terpenes.

It is also vital to ensure that you purchase a CBD break sourced from hemp strains and manufactured to contain high levels of CBD and without excessive levels of THC like these iDab 90% CBD Crystals from iCBD.

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This product represents a perfect product to add to your daily wellness routine due to its flexibility of use. You can apply it on a traditional platform, melt it and add it to a steamer, mix it with cooking oil, use it as warm butter or baking oil, and add it to your favorite hot beverages. While vaping offers high bioavailability and an onset time of 10-20 minutes, oral consumption of CBD provides a long-lasting effect of up to 6 hours.


These iDab 90% CBD crystals have been made using only organic ingredients without the use of GMOs, pesticides or harsh chemicals, providing 100% natural and ethical products for your well-being. The product is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, which means that people who avoid animal exploitation can use it without fear. It was also made with athletes in mind, as its THC-free content will not pose a threat to anyone facing a doping test.




The product is not suitable for children under 18 years of age, pregnant and/or lactating women. Consult a doctor before using these CBD crystals. This supplement is not formulated to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any disease.

Lab reports

iCBD focuses on being highly transparent and informative with its customers by testing all products in a third party lab.

The lab also tests these iDab 90% CBD Crystals for their cannabinoid level, THC content, and presence of chemicals.

For topical use only.