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3x European Gi Champion, European Nogi Champion, Pan Pacific Gi Champion, Pan Pacific nogi silver medalitst, 2x british open champion, Battle Grapple winner & Multiple IBJJF medalist. With a list of accomplishments that looks like this, it would be hard not to take this advice seriously. Multiple medal winner and all round amazing human Chris Newman has been along for the ride with us here at iCBD since the very beginning.  We caught up with him to ask him what he found when he started using iCBD products in his campaign to get to the top, and how he uses them currently.  Here’s what he had to...

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"Not many people know but I suffer from anxiety. This product has helped me so much, especially with social anxiety known as (SAD) which is a huge factor as an active competitor, without this my job would be a lot harder and focusing on the main objective would be impossible."

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"I have been using the iCBD oil and cream for about a month now and I have seen noticeable changes in a lot of aspects."

"My sleep quality has gotten noticeably better as I don't wake up during the night anymore and I feel more rested when I wake up, even when I train super hard and have to wake up early."

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