Cannabis and Arthritis

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Cannabis and Arthritis

Sci-fi legend William Shatner has recently spoken about how he uses Cannabis to fight painful and swollen joints. 

The 89 year old actor told the PA News Agency "I'm finding out there are many things that help aches and pains that we didn't know about just a few years ago."

When asked what he meant by this, the Canadian Author, Actor and Director went on to say "THC and CBD and that kind of thing." He continues, "I've had swollen joints where it hurts, you rub some on and while you're rubbing it on, the pain disappears. It's magical."

Although CBD is now legal here in the UK, there are many people still reluctant to try this substance for fear of being labelled with the "cannabis culture" that banned the plant originally. 

Although this is worrying when you consider the pain applications, there are more & more higher profile celebrities opening up about their use of Cannabis.

Just last year, actor Olivia Newton John revealed that she had been using medical Cannabis to help her cope with the pain she is left with as a result of Breast Cancer. 

In our eyes here at iCBD, we need to be doing more in society to make people aware that there could be natural alternatives to their side-effect ridden medications, and seeing public figures such as these using their voice for education is amazing. 

Maybe progress is being made after all...