Lewis Thorne Talks Combat Sports and CBD

29 July 2022

ICBD Global Blog - Lewis Thorne Talks Combat Spo.

We asked Team iCBD member Lewis about his experience with iCBD so far, and the products he has used, here’s what he had to say:

“Firstly, I am glad to be partnering up with ICBD Global, a company focused on natural recovery and wellness. They’re incredibly professional and great to work with. I’m excited for 2021 season! Grappling (Brazilian jiu jitsu) & MMA is one of the most strenuous sports there is, I have to do everything in my power to recover properly and quickly to get through my training. It’s all about routine and consistency, training at least two times a day as well as teaching some privates with a full time job I generally don’t have time to set aside for recovery.

Darren CEO and Ben CMO of iCBD Global introduced me to the benefits CBD has in prevention and recovery. It usually takes 2-3seconds to take the tinctures post training as well as the iCHOC an hour before I sleep. Besides yoga, CBD has helped me recover quickly whilst training smart. I chose to be a part of iCBD Global’s team because their staff went out of their way to properly educate me about CBD and how to fit CBD into my routine, giving me a good period of time to test each product. As an athlete, I need to know that my supplements are tested and what goes into them.”

First product of choice!

“iCHILL XL - The workhorse of their line of pure CBD oil. Not only is this the strongest but most cost effective oil they manufacture. It’s 100% organic, Vegan & Natural. 

A couple of drops of iCBD Global iCHILL XL post training helps me relax and get ready both mentally and physically for the next session. You can also use this product the way you want! Mix in with a juice or take orally. 

Not many people know but I suffer from anxiety also. This product has helped me so much, especially with social anxiety known as (SAD) which is a huge factor as an active competitor, without this my job would be a lot harder and focusing on the main objective would be impossible.”

Second Product of choice!

iCHOC+ - Natural, organic, vegan and sugar free cannabis chocolate!  Not only is it healthy but tastes amazing!

Raw cannabis chocolate made with full spectrum cannabis, gives me that extra help during night time, a few squares around an hour before bed sets me up for the night! It goes well melted in a bowl of oats also .” 

Third product of choice! 

iCream - 100% organic and natural CBD infused face and body butter cream. 

Always in my gym bag, this is one of my favourites!  After strenuous BJJ sessions, your hands and fingers are feeling beaten up, sore, dry from all the grips, the iCream is a gem. Great for dry skin conditions and inflammation of the muscles, I use this on a regular basis.”

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