Kate Bacik - Team iCBD.

24 August 2022

ICBD Global Blog - Kate Bacik - Team iCBD.

One of our Amazing team members Kate achieved an amazing result at the BJJ 24-7 Brighton open earlier this year, achieving 5, (yes count them, 5!) gold medals in her events, and has given her take on the iCBD Range, and how it helps her in BJJ and also day to day. 

Here's what she had to say:

"I have been using the iCBD oil and cream for about a month now and I have seen noticeable changes in a lot of aspects."

"My sleep quality has gotten noticeably better as I don't wake up during the night anymore and I feel more rested when I wake up, even when I train super hard and have to wake up early."

She goes on to say "I've previously used other CBD oils without noticing that much of an improvement in that aspect." 

I asked her about the impact it has had on her sports activities and Kate told me "My recovery has become much better and faster and whenever I pick up any sort of minor injuries, the oil really helps with keeping the inflammation down. Same goes for the cream - I use it on any annoying scratches, gi burns and bruises and I can say it definitely speeds up the healing process. I also started using it on my face as I've been dealing with flare ups of dry skin and spots from stress, and my face is almost completely clear from both now! The cream smells great too which makes it even better!"

When asked for a verdict on her preferred product, Kate said "My favourite product is the chocolate though, by far! Vegan, sugar free and tastes amazing! Just a few squares can make you feel so good. But who stops just on few squares, right? "

She added "I obviously ran out of chocolate within two days of receiving the parcel and that was me cutting weight and really trying to control myself! Can't wait to get more of that!"

Suffice to say, the iChill, iCream and iChoc have had an incredible impact on Kate's results. 

Stay tuned for further articles following our incredible team, tracking events and progress and getting some amazing insights into sports recovery and iCBD.


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